Size Information

This is a guideline used by staff when fitting.

Head Size Product size
51cm M Kisd size
52cm L Kids size
53cm Large kids size
54cm Small size
55cm Small size
56cm Medium size
57cm Medium size
58cm Large size
Over 59cm Large size

As shown in the diagram above, measure from above your eyebrows to above your ears and around your head with the tape measure. Tighten the tape measure moderately to measure your head circumference. The size is approximate and can be determined by measuring 5mm to 10mm in front or behind the head circumference.

Advice from our staff

The N-PRO is made up of five structures, so it is thicker than previous head caps. It wraps around your head tightly, so it may feel a little smaller than previous head caps. If you are concerned about the size, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Finally, adjust with the back string