We will lend you the N-PRO for free.

N-PRO Head Cap Free Rental Program

To all rugby team members and parents,

Would you like to try out the N-PRO head cap for yourself? We would like you to actually touch and feel the performance and fit of the N-PRO. If you are interested in N-PRO products and would like to actually try them out, please take advantage of this free loan program.

Application requirements:

  1. Minimum number of participants : 10 or more for training sessions or meetings
  2. Participate in the online briefing session : N-PRO will hold an online briefing session. At the briefing session, we will provide a detailed explanation of the N-PRO product features, so that you can better understand the product characteristics. The online briefing session will be held in small groups (1 to 10 people) within the community of those who have rented the product.

Please contact us using this inquiry form to apply.