Efforts to reduce head impacts

Contego Sports, the company that developed N-PRO and is based in Ireland, is well versed in developing products to meet the needs of those with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), and proposed to the World Rugby Union that they develop a head cap designed to reduce impact. With injuries caused by impacts to the head from violent tackles and other events becoming a problem, Contego Sports has developed a product with a new perspective.

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Impact reduction up to 75%

A new generation head cap with a completely revised head cap structure

World Rugby teams up with Ireland Rugby Union

R&D level products

A team with expertise in mild traumatic brain injury. The company is developed from a scientific and medical perspective by CEO Mark Ganly, who has many years of experience in manufacturing head protection equipment for contact sports, and Dr. Sandra Ganly, a biomedical engineer and clinical researcher.

Published in the world's four major medical journals

N-PRO experimental results

A research paper was published by BMJ (British Medical Journal) on the issue of rugby concussions and the damage that players sustain depending on whether or not they wear head caps. The paper also revealed the impact reduction effect of N-PRO.

In Japan

Can be used in all tournaments

It has been proven to significantly reduce the impact on the top of the head, temples, and forehead! This technology has been highly anticipated, and it is the first head cap in the world to receive WORLD RUGBY TRIAL APPROVED certification. It is headgear that has been approved for use in all tournaments around the world.

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I bought this for my child who plays rugby. It's not cheap, but considering the importance of protecting the head, I don't think it's too expensive. When I touched it, I thought that the cushioning was far superior to the head cap I had been using. My child said, "It doesn't hurt at all (when I get hit)!"




I bought the N-PRO with the primary goal of protecting my child's head. It's an expensive headgear to prevent even a little concussion, but my child's body is priceless. It's comfortable for my child to wear, and I'm very happy with the same headgear as a certain top professional. I'm really glad I bought it.




Purchased for my son's rugby match. The first time I used it, it was a tough match. Tackling a big kid. My son was surprised when he used it! The impact on his head is completely different. My son has used four different head caps from other manufacturers, so he could clearly tell the difference. If it helps reduce the impact on my son's head even a little, I think it was a good purchase. I will use it carefully!

Head caps used around the world

I have been using N-PRO since 2019. At first, I started wearing it during training to get used to it. Once I got used to it, I started wearing it during matches. Since then, I have been using N-PRO regularly. Since using N-PRO, scrums have become much easier.

Eoghan Masterson

Wearing the N-PRO allows me to play with confidence. The N-PRO fits well and is comfortable.

Harry Wells

Wearing the N-PRO gives you a sense of security during contact sessions and matches!

Sarah Bonner

Wearing N-PRO gives me a sense of security when I put on contact lenses. If you are thinking about protecting your head, I highly recommend it. I trust it because the test results back up its impact reduction effect.

Aoife McDermott