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Purpose of wearing a head cap

Rugby is known as an intense contact sport, and injuries are common. Head injuries can be particularly dangerous depending on the condition. For this reason, it is recommended that all players wear head caps. In Japan, wearing a head cap is mandatory for high school students. However, what is surprisingly little known is the purpose of wearing a head cap.

Purpose of head capping

To protect the head from injuries such as cuts and abrasions

It does not provide head protection from impact .

This is a summary of the product standards published on the World Rugby (WR) Association website.

To reiterate, conventional head caps are designed to protect the head from injuries such as cuts and abrasions . Product standards are strictly specified, from the material to the extent of protection, and only products that pass the tests set by the WR Association are approved for use in competitions around the world, including Japan.

In recent years, the rugby world has been focusing on mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), such as concussion caused by impact, rather than cuts. N-PRO has faced this issue and developed a head cap to reduce the impact to the head that causes concussion. The WR Association also has high hopes for N-PRO's new technology, and this is the first head cap in the world to be WORLD TRIAL APPROVED as a special product.

Reduces shock by up to 75% compared to other companies

The N-PRO is made of five layers of special materials, with the middle layer being made of Viscoelastic, a material with excellent viscoelasticity. This shock-absorbing technology is called Defentix™ and is patented.

The structure of the N-PRO is significantly different from conventional head caps. It has been proven that the impact reduction effect is up to 75% when compared to other companies' products under the same conditions.

We tested the product by repeatedly subjecting it to impacts to see how much it would degrade in performance. The number of impacts was 1,920, simulating the number of times an athlete would be impacted over a three-year period. Although the performance did decrease slightly...

Compared to the head caps (brand new) from companies A and B, the N-PRO, which was subjected to 1,920 impacts, has been proven to have better impact reduction performance.

*Results may vary depending on how the product is stored.

Although we cannot guarantee that N-PRO products will 100% prevent injuries, they are head caps developed based on scientific evidence.

N-PRO is

Protects your head from cuts, abrasions and impacts .

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